Hubert founded Vinha Velha around 40 years ago.
His vision was  to create a autosufcient place rich in biodiversity.
A challenge on 140 hectars of infertile land.

Looking at the old pictures you'll see how scraggy and ravaged the land was and how simple life was at the time. There were hardly any  trees or barriers to fill the lakes.
First, the basic fundamentals had to be laid down – Hubert systematically reforested the land in order to stop erosion, while creating lakes to save the winter’s rainfall for the dry summer months.

Over the years he tried several projects in not always  the most effective or lucrative way, but he did all with complete conviction and full heartedly.

His daughter Delia shares the same idealism, and has  taken the responsability together with her partner Florian for the  agricultural and forestry development.

Adequate animal housing is a concern, as the calves are not separated from their mothers and are allowed to drink mother milk in the first 5 month. Also the cows are still milked by hand.
Maintaining the spacious chicken coop outside of the vegetable garden comprises another daily task on the farm. Every spring we have little chicks,  that can be visited.

We have our own vegetable production and since 2017, Vinha Velha has been propagating seeds in cooperation with Sementes Vivas, a certified organic seed company in Portugal.

The Vinha Velha children take part in the every day life tasks of the farm as well. You'll see them regularly in the vegetable garden, on the grassland or in the workshop space.

Vinha Velha is very well suited for pedagogical working projects.

A farm internship is possible; inquire at this email.