When Margit and Hubert came to Portugal around 40 years ago, there were no Anthroposophical institutions or even the concept of Waldorf. Due to a lack of alternative education, in 1988 Margit founded a Waldorf School at Vinha Velha. The "Escola Primavera" was the first Waldorf School in Portugal which funcioned during seven years.

Over the years, various holiday camps have been taken place at Vinha Velha during the summer months.
Since 2016, the nearby Waldorf School in Figueira has been organizing summer activities at Vinha Velha to carry on the tradition. 

For several years, teenagers with special needs for support have been recieved in vinha velha in cooperation with German youth care.
The adolescents are actively integrated into the daily work and community life. They have the opportunitie to acquire social competences, to learn responsibility, independence and to prepare themselves for school graduation.

Since November 2017, the project "A Hortinha" has been taking place at Vinha Velha. It is an Kindergarden initiative by an international group of parents for children between 3-5 years.